Thursday, April 20, 2006

Preparation for Stonewall Jackson Elementary-4/19/06 & 4/26/06

I'm posting this so that future teachers and JWS instructors can use it as a guide as to what they can expect when conducting a watercolor workshop.

First after introducing myself or being introduced by the art teacher, I give a mini lecture using visual aids. Before hand, I ask the art teacher about any themes or projects the kids are presently working on and then I try to find visual aids that fit. The Cummer Museum is an excellent resource for educational materials to be used in the classroom. The contact person there is Fran Phelps.

The lecture will be on Winslow Homer and Vincent Van Gohn and there differences in there watercolor technique and application. Some of the questions I asked the children:

1. What objects or shapes do you see when you look at the painting A and painting B?

2. What colors were used?

3. What feelings do those particular colors they make you happy or sad ?


At April 19, 2006, Blogger P. Rashid said...

I need people for the April 26th date. Patricia Sadler of Stonewall Jackson Elementary has several oppprtunities for us to conduct watercolor workshops for her 4th and 5th graders on April 26, 2006. This is a nice group of kids. It should be the same group that I did on April 19th. Look at the posts and see what nice work can be done!

Location: Stonewall Jackson Elementary School

6127 Cedar Hills Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210

School Phone #: 904 573-1020
April 26th

Two JWS Outreach Instructors Needed for the following classes :

8:50 am -9:40 am - 4th grade
9:50 am -10:40 am -5th grade
10:45am -11:30 am- 4th grade
12:25 pm -1:45 pm - 5th grade

Please post comment on this blog in response or send email to me at or 904 745-0956.


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